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Matrigen Meso-Cell Ampoule 10ml x 5vial
Origin Korea
Main ingredients Ginseng Callus Extract, Culture of Stem Cell
Purpose of use Face

* Meso-Cell Ampoule

: Stem cells are active ingredient that give new energy & vitality to tired and damaged skin.

* Skin type:

- fine wrinkle, anti-aging

- red face, capillary dilatation skin

- rugged, dull and lackluster skin

* Effect

: Provide optimal solution for each skin type, deep penetration of skin. The active ingredient of the ampoule is a highly functional.

- Whitening

- Skin regenerating

- Soothing skin moisturizer

- Strengthen skin barrier

- Antioxidant Enhanced Collagen

- Anti-wrinkle skin aging prevention

- Improvement of Skin tone

- Anti-inflammatory effect and skin trouble improvement

* Main ingredient

- Ginseng Callus Extract

- Culture of Stem Cell