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Matrigen Biphase Control Relax & Moisture Ampoule 10ml x 5 vials
Origin Korea
Main ingredients Snail mucus filtrate, Macadamia Seed Oil, Adenosine, Chamomile flower extract
Purpose of use Face

MATRIGEN BI PHASE Control fluid is a well-designed solution for improving elasticity, regeneration, moisturizing and aging skin for all skin 
types. An effective, low-irritant botanical extract on the skin and a variety of aroma ingredients build up the connection between the skin tissue and the 
tissue, expecting a resilient and vibrant skin. The combination of botanical extracts is a special solution, so it gives the skin a bright and clear appearance 
and results in better skin tone. It is also used with professional skin care equipment for better effects such as iontophoresis or electroporation technology.


1. Soothing

2. Cell regeneration

3. Moisturizing

4. Skin calming

5. Oil 닕 Moisture Balance 


1. Snail mucus filtrate: The role of forming the skin's natural protective film, restoring the damaged skin of high nutrition, relieving the trouble, improving the elasticity

2. Macadamia Seed Oil: Effective oil for skin moisturizing

3. Chamomile flower extract: Provides skin conditioning, prevents moisture from evaporating in skin, skin calming

4. Eucalyptus leaf extract: Prevents the evaporation of water in the skin preventing dryness, providing nutrition and vitality of skin, improving skin tone, strengthening skin barrier

5. Clove flower extract: Skin soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

6. Adenosine: Improves wrinkles, strengthens the cellular proliferation in the dermal layer and promotes skin elasticity

How to use

1. Use after facial cleansing according to the purpose of use

2. When using electroporation function, it is used as anti-aging management product on skin.

3. If you have professional equipment, use iontophoresis or electrical technology to improve the penetration of each solution.

4. Finish with moisture or nutritional cream as a final step