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Matrigen SRS 4 kinds of Ampoule 10 ml x 12 vials
Origin Korea
Model Whitening, Anti-Aging, Regenerating, Calming
Main ingredients
Purpose of use Face


is high functional solution that rejuvenates skin tissue through active substance. And it leads to deep penetration of highly enriched substances and maximizes device effectiveness.

Whitening Ampoule:  

High concentrated ampoule combining Acacia Senegal Flower and Stem Extract focused on pigmentation treatment and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract for anti-oxidation & whitening, adding botanical extracts.

  • Inhabit Melanin formation
  • PH6-7 No stressed
  • Decline activity of Tyrosinase
  • Whitening effect

Anti-Aging Ampoule: 

Rejuvenating ampoule with ample peptides and Caviar extracts delivers nutrition and vitality on skin, tightening skin structures and looking young.

  • Antioxydent
  • Protect DNA damage
  • Promote collagen synthesis
  • Activate metabolism

Regenerating Ampoule:  

Regenerating Ampoule provides pain relief, regenerating and moisturizing into sensitive skin after exfoliation and laser treatment.

  • Increase of blood circulation
  • Cell growth & regeneration
  • Production of Hyaluronic acid
  • Relief painful & itching

Calming Ampoule:  

Soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, a concentrate containing extracts of Aloe Barbados, Portulac, algae and allantoin. 

  • Calming the skin
  • Soothing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduction of wrinkles


Provides optimal solution by deep penetration depending on skin types and high functional rejuvenation 

to skin tissue by containing high concentrated active ingredients.